2020 Highland Rider North West 200 Road Racing Tour

Tour Date 10th -17th May 2020

Tour Capacity - 42 People Places 


Groups Sizes - There will be a maximum of 14 People in each Group, which will include 1 Guide allocated for the duration of your Tour. 

Rider + Bike Prices - 

Rider – Option 1 (Cairnryan - Belfast) Return Crossing – Deposit of £100 in August with 6 monthly instalments of £55. 

Rider – Option 2 (Cairnryan - Belfast) Outbound – (Belfast - Birkenhead) Return – Deposit of £100 in August with 6 monthly instalments of £60. 

Rider – Option 3 (Birkenhead - Belfast) Return Crossing – Deposit of £100 in August with 6 monthly instalments of £65.   

Rider – Option 4 (Holyhead - Dublin) Return Crossing – Deposit of £100 in August with 6 monthly instalments of £60.   

Pillion – Option 5 (Cairnryan - Belfast) Return Crossing – Deposit of £100 in August with 6 monthly instalments of £40. 

Pillion – Option 6 (Cairnryan - Belfast) Outbound – (Belfast - Birkenhead) Return - Deposit of £100 in August with 6 monthly instalments of £45. 

Pillion – Option 7 (Birkenhead - Belfast) Return Crossing – Deposit of £100 in August with 6 monthly instalments of £50.   

Pillion – Option 8 (Holyhead - Dublin) Return Crossing – Deposit of £100 in August with 6 monthly instalments of £45.   

You can also mix and match the packages - IE: Cairnryan Outbound, Birkenhead Return. 

Holyhead Outbound, Birkenhead Return. 

Birkenhead Outbound, Holyhead Return.   

Anything you need to happen, can happen.   

Each Package includes the following - 

1. 7 x Nights Self Catering Stay at The Causeway Coast Holiday Park Apartments, in the picturesque Town of Ballycastle. This is based on 4 x People sharing each Apartment.   

Couples will get their own Double Room within each Apartment, and another 2 people will have the Twin or Triple Room.   

If it's 4 x Single Solo Riders then it's 3 people in a Triple Room and 1 person in a Double Room.   

Towels and Bedding are supplied, plus there are Self-Catering Facilities which include Wall Mounted Digital TV, Cooker, Microwave, Toaster, Fridge, Crockery, Pots, Pans, Knives & Forks. 

2. Ferry Crossings from

Options 1 & 5 - Cairnryan to Belfast Return.

Options 2 & 6 - Cairnryan to Belfast Outbound - Belfast to Birkenhead Return.

Options 3 & 7 - Birkenhead to Belfast Return. 

Options 4 & 8 - Holyhead to Dublin Return. 

3. Guided Individual Group Familiarisation Ride Out and Orientation of the North West 200 Race Circuit and Surrounding Area, followed by a Visit to the Giants Causeway.   

4. Evening Meal on Monday Evening as a Complete Tour Group at a Local Venue, after a Free Paddock Visit. This will Include a Complete Tour Group Photo on the North West 200 Winners Podium.   

5. A Guided Local Sightseeing Day Trip on Friday to The Dark Hedges (Game of Thrones), Armoy Race Circuit, Joey & Robert Dunlop's Memorial Gardens and the Famous Joey's Bar. Followed by a Graveside Visit to Joey, Robert & William Dunlop. 

6. Evening Barbecue & Social Gathering with 2 x Alcoholic or Soft Drinks per person. 

7. A Free Fully Personalised Embroidered Highland Rider Motorbike Tours 2020 North West 200 Road Racing Tour T Shirt. 

8. Riders or Pillions can also volunteer to act as Race Track Marshal’s for The North West 200 Practice, Qualifying or Race Days.   

9. Guided Day Trip on Wednesday to Culdaff (Donegal) or you might fancy a Sightseeing Tour to other Proposed Places of Interest.   

10. 1 x Free Entry Number for The Highland Rider Motorbike Tours Christmas Raffle, where one Tourer will win £350 off their chosen tour package as a Rider or a Pillion.   

The Christmas Raffle takes place on the 24th December at 8pm, this will be a Live Video Post on the Highland Rider Motorbike Tours Facebook Group Page.   To pick a Winning Tourer. 

11. Rider Down Medical Tutorial Course will take place Free of Charge for all Tour Members, this will be part off the Daily Activities and will take place on Friday Afternoon.   

12. Most importantly you can watch and be entertained by The Road Warriors doing battle through the local Towns of Portrush, Portstewart, Colraine and the adjoining Countryside at speeds in-excess of 200mph.   

Additional Extras that are available -   

Arrival Evening Meal on the Sunday Evening, plus Cooked Breakfasts on Monday, Wednesday & Friday Mornings - £30   

Birkenhead to Belfast Sleeping Cabins with Showers & TV - £30 each way.   

Fully Embroidered Highland Rider Motorbike Tours North West 200 Hoodie = £30 each. 


You won’t get better value for money, I strive for perfection to ensure Bikers get what I myself would expect to receive on a Tour of this magnitude.   

Finally - If you are not Confident or you feel unsure about Riding in a Group of up to 14 Bikes; and at some point whilst on this Tour in a Group of possibly up to 42 Bikes; travelling at the National Speed Limit. Then please give it a serious thought before you Sign Up to this Group Riding Tour.   

I do endeavour to have all 3 Groups filled with Riders of Equal Ability where practically possible. Mentoring can be provided by the Group Guides, if asked for by the less Experienced Riders. This is a Group Tour so all Riders should have the Ability & Confidence to Ride in a Group Safely and Progressively at all Times. 

“I am a Biker, for Bikers” 




Tel - 07976006442 

Email -  

Limited spaces available!!

To secure your place and to be part off the biggest Motorbike Touring group that attends the NW 200 Road Racing event, contact us today.

2020 Administration Instruction

North West 200 Road Racing

2020 North West 200 Instructions

Highland Riders you will all be departing for a week’s Motorbike Road Racing Tour in the beautiful North West Coast of Northern Ireland. We will visit many different and interesting places during the tour and will be accommodated in the picturesque town of Ballycastle; on the Northwest Coast, approximately 18 miles from the Triangle Race Circuit. I will ensure that everyone experiences some of the many different local traditions & you will also get to see plenty breath-taking scenery that the country has to offer. You will also undoubtedly experience heart stopping, breath-taking, up close and personal Road Racing, & ride some fantastic routes on the many different & spectacular country roads which we will be navigating. Most importantly, I want you all to enjoy this Epic Adventure, have fun, make new friends and ride safe throughout the week. 

Documentation & Ferry Crossings.

All riders & pillions must take with them their full, current (in-date) Photo Card Driving Licence or another type of photo ID. (e.g. – Passport) for the Ferry Crossings. There will be a document check to conform with the security regulations prior to our entrance at the outbound ferry ports. 

Those from the Midlands & Further afield will be meeting and starting the tour from the Ferry Port that you have selected as your Tour Package. 

Neil & Susan Seymour will be departing Birkenhead on the 9th May 2020 and Belfast on the 16th May 2020 both crossings are at 2230hrs, you require to be at the Stena Line Ferry Port no later than 2115hrs. 

The Birkenhead Main Group will meet Johnny Stone at 0900hrs at the Stena Line Ferry Port Entrance on 10th May 2020.  Riders are requested to arrive with a full tank of fuel. This requires be done prior to your arrival at the Ferry Port as once in Belfast you will be heading directly up to Ballycastle with your Guide. 

Those heading to Northern Ireland on the 9th May 2020 and staying at The Bikers Rest will meet Shuggie on the way to the Ferry, or indeed on arrival at the Stena Line Ferry Port in Cairnryan. You need to be there no later than 1430hrs, again ensure you have a full tank of fuel prior to arrival at the Port. 

This Group will consist of the following people; 

Shuggie Hoskins, Kev Davidson, Davie Telfer, Jim Hutton, Ian Goodall, Mickey Watt, Amanda Watt, Mike Ironside, Lynne Ironside. 

This group will also meet any riders who make their way to Cairnryan on Sunday 10th May 2020 for the 1130hrs Ferry, you must be there no later than 1030hrs. Once you arrive in Belfast you will meet Shuggie at the Titanic Museum Postcode – BT3 9EP. 

Holyhead – Dublin Ferry Crossing – The tourers who have chosen this option must arrive at the Stena Line Ferry Port no later than 0755hrs on Sunday 10th May 2020. Again, ensure you have a full tank of fuel prior to arrival and ensure you have Euro’s for the arrival in Southern Ireland.  

You require to be in possession of a valid Passport and Green Card from your Insurance Company which covers you for driving in the European Union. 

I suggest everyone on the Tour applies for this, especially if you intend to ride over to Southern Ireland during the week.  Plus there is a an organised Day Trip on the Programme to Donegal on Wednesday.  it’s Free and just requires a phone call from you to your Insurance Company. 


The cost of The Northwest 200 Road Racing Tour is self-funding for the duration of the 7 days. Except for Mick Costello who will receive his £350 Christmas Prize. Please ensure you have adequate spending money, and you know what the fuel tank range is on your motorbike.  

We will be stopping regularly for fuel & rest breaks throughout your Tour. At the end of every day all Riders should ensure they have a Full Tank of Fuel for the Following Day, this saves time and doesn’t delay any Group Departures. 

There will be a meal laid on for everyone who has requested one on arrival at Ballycastle, plus 3 Morning Breakfasts on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. On Monday evening the whole Tour will dine at the Magherabuoy Hotel plus we will have a Barbecue on the Friday evening after The Trip with your Group Guides and the Biker Down Tutorial. The remainder of the Tour will be self- catering within your designated apartments. 

Those of you who fancy going to Donegal on the Wednesday with the Guides or venturing off to Southern Ireland under your own arrangements throughout the week should take a minimum of at least 30 Euros to purchase some refreshments or emergency fuel whilst you are over there. 

Stena Line Ferry Details

09/05/20 Birkenhead to Belfast @ 2230hrs (Neil & Susan Seymour) 16/05/20 Belfast to Birkenhead @ 2230hrs (Neil & Susan Seymour

10/05/20 Birkenhead to Belfast @ 1030hrs (Main Group

17/05/20 Belfast to Birkenhead @ 1030hrs (Main Group

Check-In opens 2 hours before departure and will close 1 hour before Departure. 

09/05/20 Cairnryan to Belfast @ 1530hrs (1st Group

10/05/20 Cairnryan to Belfast @ 1130hrs (2nd Group

17/05/20 Belfast to Cairnryan @ 1130hrs (1st & 2nd Group Complete

Check-In at Cairnryan 60 minutes before departure with Stena Line Ferries. 

10/05/20 Holyhead to Dublin @ 0855hrs (James Meade’s Group

17/05/20 Dublin to Holyhead @ 1450hrs (James Meade’s Group

Check-In at Holyhead 60 minutes before departure with Stena Line Ferries. 

Shuggie will Distribute All Ferry Reference Numbers a week prior your Departure. 

Those with Cabins booked will use the same reference number once onboard to obtain your key at the Ships Information Desk. 

Apartments Accommodation Details

Causeway Coast Holiday Park 

21 Clare Road 


BT54 6DB. 

Arrive – 10th May 2020 

Depart – 17th May 2020 

7 x nights – 9 x 4 bed apartments & 2 x 1 Bed apartments. 

Booking Reference Number – 2020 Highland Rider Motorbike Tour. 

Pre-Tour Overnight Accommodation -

Bikers Rest

Magherafelt, BT45 5EL

For the 9th May 2020, includes Evening Meal & Breakfast £35 Per Person, for all those on the Stena Line Crossing from Cairnryan on Saturday 9th May 2020.

Clothing and Equipment

I would like to think we are all experienced Bikers and I am confident that we will all wear sensible protective clothing when on our bikes. Waterproofs should be carried if not being worn. You should all be in possession of an emergency fluorescent jacket for the tour duration, which should be worn if there is any poor visibility during any early morning departures or if you experience a breakdown. Please ensure one is carried with you. 

Also, ensure you have adequate civilian clothing to change into at night which will include a Highland Rider Motorbike Tours 2020 North West 200 Tour T Shirt; these should be worn at the Monday Night Social gathering, The Barbecue & at The Podium Photo which we will do on Monday Morning. You will be reminded by the guides before these events take place. 

Jeans and Trainers / Shoes should be taken if you wish to visit any Bars; there is a bar within the Holiday Park that is very good but closes at 2230hrs for the comfort of the other holiday makers on site. 

This also ensures Riders are fit in the Morning to go on the various activities that are organised for you, and you are not under the influence of alcohol which would result in you being left behind for that day. 

Tracksuit Bottoms, Soft Shoes / Slippers, Spare T-Shirts, Underwear, Socks, Showering Kit and a Towel should also be taken. (Towels are provided in your apartments, but some people prefer to take their own). If you think of anything else which will benefit you then take it. Just remember you WILL NOT require loads of clothing, as you will be in Biking Gear all day, every day. 

Pre-Tour Checks

All riders please ensure that you take all reasonable precautions to ensure that your bike is 100% roadworthy. Tyres, Wheel Bearings, Chains & Sprockets, Fork Seals, Brake Pads and Cables, Lights, all Bulbs, Nuts and Bolts, should be in good working order. Please ensure you carry a spare bulb with you for your Headlight, Sidelight, Indicator and Tail-Light. 

All bikes must be MOT’d, Taxed & Insured. If you get pulled by the police for not having any of these then we will have no choice but to leave you behind to deal with the consequences, which I really don’t want to happen. The garages are expensive where we are going due to the nature of the event and will charge a lot of money for a small item. It is going to be around 1200 miles, and probably a bit more by the time we veer off our original routes to explore the Counties during the Tour. All riders should carry a small tool kit and some Motorbike Chain Lube if it’s required. 

Breakdown Procedure

All riders are to ensure they have RAC, AA or Equivalent breakdown cover in place. If this is included in your insurance policy or bank accounts, then please phone and check that you are fully covered in Northern Ireland prior to the tour departure date. It has been very expensive in the past for riders who did not check this and will be a very expensive tour should you not have the appropriate recovery in place, should you require to use it.  


All riders need to be extremely vigilant whilst group riding, it is paramount that we all keep within our limitations, ensuring we do not put any other riders in direct danger. Please refrain from lifting your front wheel off the ground at any time whilst on this tour or riding to close to other bikes when we are out as a group; if any of these 2 golden rules are broken it will result in you being excluded from group riding. You need to remain very vigilant and be aware of the other bikers around you, we will be employing the 2nd man drop off system throughout the duration of the tour. 

This will be explained in detail by your group guides and must be adhered to when on group ride outs. Accidents can happen very quickly and the last thing we need is dangerous manoeuvres by individuals that costs someone their life. If anything sticks with you from this administration document, then please make it this paragraph. 


We will have riders who are medically trained on the tour. However, try carrying a small medical pack with you throughout the duration. I will have your Next of Kin contact name & telephone number which hopefully we won’t require to use. This will be destroyed once the tour is finished.  


This is an opportunity that only comes around once a year and for the price you have paid is fantastic value. I would like each and everyone you all to grab every opportunity that is on offer throughout your week as a Highland Rider, and please make the most of every mile whilst on this Epic Adventure. Take your cameras, mobile phones and capture your fantastic memories to share with your families once you return home safely. You are also asked to share them on Highland Rider Motorbike Tours Facebook Group Page and show everyone what they are missing. 

I am confident this will be a great adventure, providing you all with many happy, fun filled memories. 

Finally, I thank you all for the choosing to join the 2020 North West 200 Road Racing Tour, operated by Highland Rider Motorbike Tours. 


"There are No Strangers on Tour,

Only Friends you have yet to Meet"

"Driving is a Journey, 

Riding is an Adventure"