About Us



Highland Rider Motorbike Tours was founded in 2012 by myself, Shuggie Hoskins from a passion I have with motorbikes. I had a vision of providing Bikers with an affordable option of joining guided Tours at a cost-effective price. 

Tours with a difference


Before my vision I had personally participated in a few guided motorbike tours throughout the UK & Ireland with a few of the bigger companies and I instantly felt they were not providing me with value for money and they also lacked that personal touch that I would want when I was Touring.

I quickly realised that there was definitely an opening in the market for Motorbike guided tours that would provide better value for money as well as a more personal touch. 

“There are No Strangers on Tour, Only Friends you have yet to Meet”


Our Group members have all made new friends on tour and some have even gained lifelong friends. We have even had some who met their partners whilst out touring and some even going on to get married. A large number of our members return to us year after year and never miss the Road Racing Tours because they know they can't book it cheaper online for the Package that I provide. 

we make touring easy, safe and enjoyable

Making many new friends along the way!


I have used 27-years of Military Service to ensure that every tour is organised and conducted with military precision, keeping everyone informed and updated as their tour is put together. I also offer an "Instalment Method" for monthly payments, this ensures that everyone from all walks of life can afford to join in on these Epic Adventures. 

I have a Facebook Group page for all past and present Bikers to join and I have learnt from the group feedback that through our tours we have all met people who we would never have met, had it not been for joining in on our Tours.